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Amazing Spider-Man #533, by Ron Garney; Wolverine #43, by Humberto Ramos; and X-Factor #8, by Ryan Sook

The original plan was to finish up my comments about DC Comics' June covers, but while I wasn't looking Marvel sneaked in its solicitations, too.

I don't want to dwell on mediocre or bad covers -- lord knows, there are enough out there -- but the design for the books caught up in Marvel's big Civil War event warrant at least brief mention.

When I first saw the big black blocks, which take up anywhere from one-third to almost three-quarters of any given cover, I thought perhaps these were hurried teaser images; placeholders, essentially.

Of course, now I see this is part of the branding for the crossover. Yes, big black blocks and, not to get too geeky, but poorly kerned type -- Times Roman, maybe? -- crowding art by the likes of Humberto Ramos, Howard Chaykin, Ryan Sook and Adi Granov.

These covers don't say, "Status Quo-Altering Event of the Year" to me. No, they say, "Quick, I need something to read on the flight to Boise!"

Sorry. I'll have something more substantial, and less snarky, a little later.

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