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Whew, this place has gotten dusty. Sorry about that.

I toyed with restarting this blog, but figured between my contributions to Blog@Newsarama, my work and my comics projects, I'd end up neglecting it again. So instead I've relaunched Comics, Covered as a weekly feature at the aforementioned Blog@Newsarama.

I wasn't going to post anything about it here, then I realized this blog might be on your RSS feeds. If you enjoyed any of my cover art and design ramblings here, please check Blog@Newsarama on Tuesdays. The first installment is a longer-than-I-intended look at how elements from Jim Steranko's classic cover for Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4 have evolved into visual shorthand for "spy thriller." Oh, and I also spotlight a rash of covers prominently featuring tentacles. (And none of them are hentai!)

Next week's piece is extra-special, with one of my favorite artists taking us step-by-step through the creation of one of his latest covers.

So there you have it. Please adjust your feeds. Thanks.

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